2019 United States Sailboat Show

2019 United States Sailboat Show Preview Part 1 – Catamarans


So were going to take one last RV trip for the season in a few week’s time. Were taking the motorhome down to Annapolis Maryland for the 2019 United States Sailboat Show. This is one of the biggest sailing specific boat shows in the world. They hold the show in Annapolis every year to showcase the latest and greatest in the sailing world. There will be dozens of boats on the water and many boating-related displays onshore. If you registered early and got time off from work, there is a big cruisers university speaker and education series on the weekdays preceding the show as well. Several YouTube celebrities are planning to be at the show this year.

Part 1 – Catamarans

Our long term plans involve a catamaran. A big cat for living aboard long-term. This will likely be our retirement yacht, however. Were still in the prime of our working careers and have two young children who should probably have a more normal life with friends and school and cub scouts and all that stuff. We also need more time to amass the necessary funds to support the very comfortable retirement we have planned. As such, a mono-hull is a much closer reality for us. Give our location in the north Atlantic coast, the first foray into full time cruising for us would likely be to Europe and the Mediterranean. For this, from what we have seen, we should probably have a monohull as the med is not so friendly to catamaran sailing. Distant Shores, and Ruby Rose copying in reverse direction, make a strong case for a shallow draft monohull to cruise the French canals as well.

In the near term, a cat would be excellent for entertaining and everything except dockage and storage. Moorings in New England are unobtainium unless you lease them from a marina. Moorings at a marina are a little cheaper than a slip if you can find one, but not too much. Slips can also be hard to find in desirable locations and a catamaran will likely cost you two slips. A cat is also not particularly trailerable given thier beam. So this means any long term storage is limited to nearshore if not at the marina from where it is hauled out.

But, this doesn’t stop us from drooling and dreaming. It’s still fun to look at what we might look for in the future. Besides, you never know what the future holds. Maybe we strike it rich early making YouTube videos and blogging about SV Belle and the Beast.

Catamarans we expect to see at the show (according to thier website):

Let us know if there is anything, in particular, you would like to see at the 2019 United States Sailboat Show!

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