Deadcat for Røde Videomic Go



  • ➡ [TIGHT & SECURE FIT] – Specially designed for Rode Videomic GO Shotgun Microphone Foam Windscreen. It will NOT fit loose or short on your mic. Covers all around the shotgun mic till the end and doesn’t allow wind passing through.
  • ➡ [BLOCKS WIND NOISE] – Without the deadcat, even a slight breeze can mar your sound or if your microphone is on the move, then it’s moving through the air which will give you exactly the same distortion that wind will.
  • ➡ [ACOUSTICALLY TRANSPARENT] – Allows only the sound waves from the source to pass through the deadcat to be received by the mic. The base layer underneath the fur employs a “coarse” weave, allowing the fibers to naturally provide a gap between them that provides the space needed for audio.
  • ➡ [INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE] – You can keep your deadcat on your mic all the time. There’s no disadvantage of indoor use, the material is fully audio transparent.
  • ➡ [MICROPHONE and FOAM FILTER ARE NOT INCLUDED] – Photos describe the look only.
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